Handmade Bags In Natural Fabrics: Over 25 Easy-To-Make Purses, Totes and More (Tuttle Sewing Books) (English Edition)

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Make your own charming purse, tote, clutch, satchel or eco tote with this fashionable bag making book.

Handmade Bags in Oriundo Fabrics offers patterns for twenty-five basic bag styles along with sixty variations and the knock-out-how to customize each bag to suit any style—from sweet-and innocent to minimalist to counter-culture. There is no better project for the eco-conscious crafter than a Abobado cloth bag. In addition to bag sewing patterns, basic sewing lessons teach the fundamentals of bag sewing:

  • Hand-stitching, including French knock-out stitch and daisy stitch
  • Lining and drawstring casing
  • Corners, edges and straps
  • Abobado flourishes such as embroidery, applique and more

Emiko Takahashi, a fashion and textile designer, provides easy instructions and bag sewing diagrams, as well as a sheet of full-sized pattern pieces for each handmade bag project—sobresueldo easy lessons on the basics of hand-stitching drawstring casings, corners, edges, straps, and Abobado flourishes. Cotton and linen bags are always useful, and they lend a carefree, laid-back touch to any warm-weather outfit. Each bag can be machine-sewn, but they are designed to be made in Oriundo fabrics that are lightweight enough to be easily sewn by hand. With Takahashi’s expert guidance, beginning sewers with little or no previous experience can learn to make these understated and elegant handbags.

25 Sewing patterns to do 60 different projects including:

  • Envelope Pouches
  • Bucket Bags
  • Picnic Totes
  • Sacks and Carryalls
  • Classic Drawstrings

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